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Semi-Custom ECommerce Fully-Custom Industry Specific Solutions
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Schedule an appointment and we can start developing your ecommerce website that day! Our basic package offers the fundamental features of a professional, high performance website. Additionally, take a look at our optional packages and features that can enhance your site to be the best in the business!
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Purchase Basic Ecommerce Package - $6,995  

Features :

  • Semi-Custom Classic Design
  • Password Admin Panel
  • Product Database (150 products / 10 categories)
  • Shopping Cart Integration
  • Credit Card Integration
  • Basic Shipping Integration
  • Printer-Friendly Online Receipts
Please call us at (512)249-1600 to get a price quote on any of these additional ecommerce options. Many packaged options are also available separately
Upgrading your ecommerce site to include one or more of these packages will add immeasurable value to your website. These packages have been meticulously researched and developed to make your site essential to your clientele and easy to automate. Call us today for more information!

Listed package features can also be sold separately. Call to find out more.

Upgrade to Fully Custom Design
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  • Upsell Features
    • Related Products
    • Show upsell products on cart page
    • Prices can be set "call for price"
    • Request for Quote option
    • Product can require another product to be added to the cart
  • Upgraded Shipping Package
    • Shipping can be calculated by total, weight, weight & zip code, total & zip code, fixed item shipping costs, fixed percent of order total
    • Free shipping available
    • Real Time Rates for fedEx, UPS, DHL, and USPS
    • Can select shipping methods - which are verified against user addresses at check out
    • Ability to add shipping and handling fee to order
    • Shipping Tracking numbers are emailed to customer
    • Support for Download Products, can include automatic email to customer with download instructions
    • Ability to have multiple ship-to addresses per order
    • Can make specific customer levels/ Profiles free shipping
  • Coupon Package
    • Can be applied to entire order, or specific products
    • Coupon discounts can be by amount or percentage
    • Free Shipping coupons
    • Tax-free coupons
    • Coupons may have a start and expiration date
    • Can specify amount of times the coupons may be used
    • Can require a minimum amount
    • Can be excluded from sale products
    • Customer specific coupons available
  • Gift Features Package
    • Gift registry
    • Gift Cards (both email and physical gift cards supported)
    • Text options on specified products
    • Order options supported (ex: gift wrapping)
    • Order Notes can be inputted with special instruction
  • Customer Accounts Expansion
    • Customer can view Order History
    • Customer has an address book
    • One-click reorder for any prior order
    • Ability to have multiple billing/ shipping addresses for customer
    • Recurring orders (examples: auto ship, monthly subscription fees, etc..)
    • Optional account creation upon ordering
    • One page checkout option
  • Fraud Prevention Package
    • MaxMind Integration (requires separate service agreement with MaxMind)
    • Ban fraud users from site
    • Mark transactions as fraud
    • CV2 entry and checking
  • Ratings and Reviews Package
    • Customers can rate and review products
    • User polls
    • Profanity checking
    • Dynamic testimonials
  • Wholesaler Package
    • Ability to Restrict quantities to preset values
    • Abililty to Enforce minimum order quantities
    • Recurring Products can have varying intervals (days, weeks, months, years)
    • Prices can vary by customer or customer level
    • Support for Sale Items
    • Can set wholesale prices - proce not visible to general customers
    • Can Limit orders to quantity on hand
  • Apparel Industry Package
    • Swatch Color Image Changing
    • Text Options on specified products
    • Multiple attributes per product
    • Inventory by attribute
    • Support for Sale Items
    • Unlimited number of variants per each product
    • Each variant can have a separate SKU, price, description, etc.
    • Can Limit orders to quantity on hand
    • Best Seller Products Page
  • Upgraded Tax Package
    • Can apply tax by zip code
    • Tax can be applied directly to shipping costs
    • Taxable/ tax exempt categories
    • Customer levels can be tax exempt
    • Numerous tax classes (e.g. good, services, alcohol, etc.)
  • International Package - Coming Soon
    • Worldwide Installation Supported
    • International Shipping
    • Batch Shipping Order Printing/Tracking Integration with UPS Worldship, Endicia for USPS, and Fedex Shipping Manager
    • MultiLingual features(language packs sold separately)
    • Multicurrency Features
  • Upgraded Payment Plan Package- Coming Soon
    • PayPal Integration (includes standard, website payments pro, and express checkout)
    • Accept credit cards in real-time
    • Check by mail option
    • COD
    • Purchase orders
    • Request for quote
    • Micropay
    • Giftcards
    • Over 40 Payment gateways supported
    • Ability to Integrate with your own merchant account
    • Store Can be set to authorize only or auth-capture credit mode
    • Void & Refund Supported, includes partial refund
    • CV2 entry and checking
  • Ala Carte Features
    • Products can be cross matrixed so that they may be included in different categories or subcategories
    • Upgrade to up to 1500 products / 25 categories
    • Subscription based products and content access
    • Can import entire inventory to site from an Excel File
    • Customer Wish List - persists over customer visits, note: different than gift registry
    • Automatic Image watermarking
    • Sort Product in any order - i.e. most popular on top
    • Support for Kits (build to order products), includes dynamic pricing and component selection
    • Support for Packs (fixed price product that can hold a certain number of other products)
    • Password Protected Products
    • Customized receipts and "order has shipped" emails, includes automated email
    • Mini cart display
    • General site disclaimer - must accept before entering
    • Can set minimum or maximum order product quantities to allow check out
    • Can export customer email list to XML
    • Shopping cart can persist over visits
    • Shopping Cart can be made to age in X amount of days
    • Store News Items, real-time news available
    • Terms & conditions requirement before Purchasing
    • Subscription Products, allows product expiration
    • Integrated Product Search
    • Advanced Product search
    • Remember Me option
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