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Customer Success Story Of The Week
Recent Success Story: Scrubs In Fashion
Nursing Uniforms from Dickies Medical, Landau Uniforms, Urbane Scrubs, Peaches Uniforms, Medline Scrubs, Iguana Med, and Gel Scrubs

"Thummas Corporation helped me to build a business that I can be proud of. "

--Scrubs in Fashion
The Situation
With the economy troubles of 2008, the present owner of Scrubs in Fashion was having difficulties. However, he did have some connections in the Scrub Industry.
The Solution
He came to Thummas Corporation to help him build his new business- selling scrubs online. Thummas created a strategy and a brand for his new Internet Venture
The Success
Today Scrubs in Fashion has 14 successful fully integrated Ecommerce scrub sites that sell top name brand scrubs to everywhere in the nation.
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More About the Scrubs in Fashion Brand and Websites

Scrubs in Fashion
Scrubs in Fashion is the premiere online scrub store for finding fashion scrubs in a huge variety of styles and colors. Through scrubs in fashion you can find men's scrubs, unisex scrubs, petite scrubs, tall scrubs, plus size scrubs, scrubs for any body type and fit preference. Lab coats, scrub pants, and scrub tops are available from brands like Dickies Medical, Urbane Scrubs, Peaches Scrubs, Landau Uniforms, Medline Scrubs, Iguana Medical, and Gel Scrubs.


Scrub Uniforms from Dickies Scrubs, Landau Scrubs, Urbane Scrubs, Peaches Uniforms, Medline Scrubs, Iguana Med, and Gel Scrubs
If you are looking for competitively priced designer scrubs, Scrubs in Fashion is the place to go. With great scrubs sales going on all the time, you can find tremendous deals on discount scrubs without sacrificing your style and comfort. Scrubs in Fashion sites often offer free shipping for orders over $100, allowing you to choose as many scrub tops and scrub pants as you would like. To get your own healthcare uniforms today, visit Scrubs in Fashion.

Gameday Scrubs
Gameday Scrubs is best resource for finding college scrubs. Show your team spirit with collegiate scrubs that have your college logo embroidered on them. Gameday Scrubs has scrub tops, scrubs pants, unisex scrubs, scrub caps, scrub jackets, and stethoscope covers from Landau Uniforms and Gel Scrubs for a huge selection of colleges around the U.S.

Whether you are searching for University of Texas Longhorn scrubs or Washington University nursing uniforms, Gameday Scrubs has it all with medical scrubs for well over 150 schools. Plus size scrubs, kids’ scrub sets, womens scrubs, and unisex scrubs are all available in your college colors. To show your school spirit at work, check out Gameday Scrubs today.

  Collegiate Scrubs, Unisex Scrubs, Womens Scrubs, Scrub Tops, Scrubs Pants, Scrub Caps from over 150 colleges
Iguana Med Scrubs - Mens Scrubs, Womens Scrubs, Unisex Scrubs from Iguana Med

Iguana Scrubs
Culture Scrubs offers the latest in IguanaMed Scrubs, including Iguana scrub tops and scrub pants, as well as mens scrubs and unisex scrubs all in Iguana’s specially designed MF fabrics. Iguana Med’s sporty scrubs are perfect for work and for loungewear, and due to their specific design and fabric technology these designer scrubs are also perfect for working out.

To find your fashion scrubs and quality nursing uniforms from Iguana Med Scrubs and receive scrubs free shipping on any orders over $100, go to

Medline Scrubs
Scrubs & Comfort is the ideal place to find Medline Scrubs. There you will find Angelstat scrubs and ComfortEase nursing uniforms as well as unisex scrub tops, unisex scrub pants, womens scrub tops and scrub pants as well as Medline scrub jackets, scrub dresses, and a variety of lab coats and consultation coats.

Scrubs & Comfort is dedicated to providing these designer scrubs at competitive prices while constantly keeping your comfort and well being at work in mind. To get your nursing uniforms from Medline Scrubs today and receive free shipping for orders over $100, go to

  Medline Scrubs - Medline Lab Coats, Womens Scrubs, Unisex Scrubs and and more Hospital Scrubs from Medline
Dickies Scrubs with Dickies Hip Flip Scrubs, Dickies Men Scrubs, Dickies Sandwashed Scrubs, and Dickies Everyday Scrubs

Dickies Scrubs
Durable Scrubs offers Dickies Scrubs exclusively. The site is dedicated to providing the latest Cherokee scrub pants, Cherokee scrub tops, Lab coats from Cherokee Medical, Cherokee Disney scrubs and more. It carries a variety of Cherokee nursing scrubs lines including the Cherokee World Adventure, Cherokee Studio B Scrubs, Cherokee Body Scrubs, Cherokee Serenity Scrubs, Cherokee Maternity Scrubs, and Cherokee Micra Silk scrubs.

There are nursing uniforms for every body type including Cherokee Scrubs petite sizes and Cherokee scrubs tall sizes, as well as Cherokee unisex scrubs and Cherokee plus size scrubs. To buy Cherokee scrubs at great prices and receive free shipping for your Cherokee nursing uniforms on any purchase over $99, check out Durable Scrubs. 

Urbane Scrubs
Pop Scrubs is the best online resource for finding the best prices on Urbane Scrubs. It offers the latest styles for urbane scrub pants, urbane scrub tops, urbane scrub jackets, urbane essentials and other accessories. Urbane Scrubs are the best scrubs and nursing uniforms for the gal-on-the-go and are the top designer scrubs that can be worn at work, at home, and beyond.

Tall nursing uniforms and petite nursing uniforms are also available from Urbane scrubs, all in great, bright colors. These great urban scrubs from Urbane nursing uniforms will ensure that you get noticed and stay comfortable at all times. To find your Urbane scrub tops and Urbane scrub pants today, check out  

  Urbane Scrubs, Scrub Tops, Scrub Pants, Nurse Scrubs from Urbane
Peaches Scrubs from Peaches Uniforms - Peaches Scrub Tops, Peaches Scrub Pants, Peaches Print Scrubs, Izzy Scrubs, Peaches Lab Coats, Medcouture and more

Peaches Scrubs
Scrubs by Peaches offers an amazingly extensive array of Peaches uniform scrubs, including Peaches scrub tops, peaches scrub pants, peaches petite scrubs, peaches plus size scrubs, peaches tall scrubs, Peaches Uniforms print scrubs and so much more! Scrubs by Peaches also offers Izzy scrubs, Katherine Heigl scrubs, Peaches Lab coats, and Medcouture Lab Coats.

To buy Peaches scrubs at great prices and receive free shipping for your Peaches nursing uniforms on any purchase over $100, check out Scrubs by Peaches.

Landau Scrubs
Lush Scrubs offers Landau medical scrubs, including landau scrub pants, landau scrub tops, print scrubs, landau maternity scrubs, mens landau scrubs, landau scrub jackets, urbane scrub tops, urbane scrub pants, landau collegiate scrubs, NASCAR scrubs, plus size scrubs, unisex scrubs, petite scrubs, tall scrubs and much much more from Landau Uniforms.

Find all the best that Landau scrubs have to offer, in a huge variety of styles and sizes in the newest fashions and colors. Landau Nursing Uniforms prides itself in having the most fashion scrubs at competitive prices and for all sizes. Lush Scrubs offers free shipping on any orders over $100 for all the landau medical scrubs. To buy your landau uniforms now, go to Lush Scrubs

  Landau Uniforms, Landau Scrub Tops, Landau Scrubs Pants, Maternity Scrubs, Urbane Scrub Tops, Urbane Scrub Tops, Urbane Scrub Pants, Landau Collegiate Scrubs, and more

Portfolio Websites done for Scrubs In Fashion

» Peaches Scrubs An extensive array of Peaches Uniforms including Medcouture and Izzy scrubs
» Dickies Scrubs Dickies Fashions for Nursing Scrubs and Medical Uniforms
» Baby Phat Scrubs New Fashion Baby Phat Medical Uniforms Top Collections
» Jockey Scrubs Jockey Scrubs and Nursing Uniforms for Nursing and Medical Professionals
» Cherokee Scrubs Get Inspired with fashion, comfort and quality of the ready-to-wear Nursing and Medical scrubs
»White Swan Scrubs Best Buy White Swan Scrubs and Nursing Uniforms
» 3M Littmann Stethoscopes Popular Electronic Cardiology Classic stethoscopes from Littmann and Medical Accessories from ADCs
»Iguanamed Scrubs Most Fashionable Nursing and Medical Scrubs from Iguana med scrubs
» Medline Scrubs Comfort scrubs at your work from Medline including AngelStat and Comfort Ease Nursing Scrubs
» Landau Scrubs Wide range stylished Medical scrubs and Nursing Uniforms From Landau
»Urbane Scrubs Urbane Scrubs and nursing uniforms from landau with free shipping on orders over $99
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