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Fully Custom Websites How it Works

Represent your small business with an eye-catching fully custom website design that reflects your value proposition and what you offer your clients. The process is quick, simple, and fully customized!

  • Choose Your Design. View Designs.
  • Submit Content (includes any current marketing material)
  • Review Your New Website
  • Launch!

The first step is a free 30 minute consultation with a Project Manager in which we gather all of the requirements necessary for your website. During this meeting, all available marketing material is given to the Project Manager for evaluation and to aid in tailoring your website to any existant corporate identity that your company already has.

The goal of this meeting is to completely understand your company's branding concepts and ensure that your website will not only fit into, but further your company's brand.

The company PMclasses had no real brand concept to start with as it was a brand new company. Their goal was to have a site that was calming yet highly informative and that could be an interactive arena where prospective project managers could sign up for classes and could build a community.

The next step is the creation of two distinct designs that best represent the company's corporate identity while maximizing the functionality of the website. For a small additional fee, you can increase the number of designs you receive during either design round.

In design round two, we make changes to the initial chosen design to further tailor it to the needs of your company. Once these changes are complete, the design is finalized. All content for each page must be submitted before or at design finalization so that the website can be launched promptly. This entire process can take as little as one business week!

  • PMclasses choose initial design 2, but liked certain elements from initial design 1. These were combined to created their final design (shown above).
  • Click Here or on the image above to see PMclasses finished site